Supplement Testing

We perform a wide array of testing procedures found in the major international food & pharmaceutical compendia:

- United States Pharmacopeia
- Association of Official Analytical Chemists
- National Formulary
-Food Chemicals Codex
-British Pharmacopeia
-Japanese Pharmacopeia
-European Pharmacopeia

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Nutrition Labelling

With each new product introduction or formula change, your Nutrition Facts panel also needs to change.

We provide testing and generation of label copy to support you every step of the way. Short and expanded form versions to address the special features of your product are available.

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Raw Materials Testing

With a bewildering array of ingredients coming in from all corners of the world, the need for quality assurance is greater than ever. We have the experience and resources to address your quality concerns.

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Unsure about Regulatory Requirements?

Implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices not only keeps your company in compliance with FDA regulations, but assures your customers that you are committed to providing top quality products.

However, published GMPs aren't always easy to decipher, much less implement. Our in-house consultants can offer guidance; especially with dietary supplements, currently covered under the Code of Federal Regulations.

Continuous improvement of best practices has now become an FDA imperative.